Post 4 – June Favourites!

Hey Guys!

This is a blog collab with the wonderful Turquites, and please go check out her blog, it is amazing!
Okay, please don’t shout at me. I know it’s 2nd July and I know I haven’t uploaded in a while, I’ve just been rlly busy okay!!!!! I hope you can forgive me.❤️
Alright, let’s get started. 

June Faves!

  1. NAIL colour collection nail varnish (in well jel), £2.50, NEXTi lovelovelovelove this nail polish. It is sooooo good! It stays on for ages (even without top coat) and has a matte finish, so it looks amazing on your nails. I’m not sure about the price though, it might be higher, bc I can’t remember if I got it in a sale or something. 
  2. Revolution Hot Smoked Eye Palette, £4, Superdrug(ignore the glare lol) I am in love with this eyeshadow palette! There are a range of different colours that are sparkly, nude, and bright. It is prefect for going out. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a mirror, but oh well😊
  3. Papaya Weekend Bomber Jacket, £25, Matalanas you can tell by the picture, this jacket is literal goals. It’s soooo fashionable and the feel of it is amazing. BUY IT!!
  4. Intergalactic Bath Bomb, £3.50, Lushthis bath bomb. (Oh hey, this was actually in my Shopping Haul post) It’s amazing. When you put it in, Intergalactic EXPLODES (don’t worry, it doesn’t literally explode) and loads of wonderful fizziness bursts out. It’s amazing. I just wish I had a video. 
  1. Flower Rucsac, £28, NEXT(sorry for the bad photo lol) this bag is soooooo nice. The pattern is lovely and it is so fashionable; plus, it fits loads in without being bulky. This is set to be my new school bag in September. I love it.❤️

So guys, that was my June faves! Hope you liked it! 
– Bluu x


Post 3 – Shopping Haul!

Hey guys! 

I’m back again with another post. So yesterday I went out (and had a really good time) with my friends with £30 in my back pocket and here is my outcome. 
Oh yes, and please ignore the flooring on my pictures.😂

My Shopping Haul!

1: if i stay by Gale Forman, £6.99, Waterstones

I love books. I am a total book nerd. So after we wandered into Waterstones and a friend recommended it, I had a Nerd Impulse™ and bought it. So far, it is sooooo good! When I finish it I will definitely write a review. 
2: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, £4.19, Superdrug

Since my sis got this for me as a birthday present, I have been LOVING it. It totally does what it says on the tin! It lasts on throughout the day and never falters to hide the bags under my eyes. It comes in a verity of shades too (I use 1, Fair). 10/10. 
3: Claire’s Nail Polish in Satin Pink, £2.50, Claire’s

Well, I have a wedding coming up later this year and my guess dress is a lovely shade of dusty pink. So we were walking around and stopped by Claire’s. I was looking at the nail polish and saw this shade. It is excactly the same shade as my outfit! So I made a purchase and, as a bonus, it has a satin effect on my nails so I will look ah-mazing. And it is pretty cheap too! Also, I know Claire’s rips you off from time to time, but with nail polish it doesn’t. It stays on for a really long time. 

3: Intergalactic Bath Bomb, £3.50, Lush

I loveee Lush. Not just for the over-friendly staff, or the amazing effects the bath bombs have on your bath, it’s the quantity of them. They are always on tip-top condition and make my bath soooooo nice. Plus, they all smell so nice and this one looked so good in the shop so hopefully it will play out as good. I LOVE LUSH
4: Zip Pocket Top, £6.99,

As a must on a shopping trip, we paid a visit to the world of Primark. After a few minutes of browsing, my eyes fell across this. It was so me. It was plain and simple, yet it had a good vibe to it that I rally like in clothes. Idk, I just saw it & liked it. It’s a beautiful top, I can tell you. 
So that was my haul! I hope I didn’t make you doze off, and I hope you liked this Post!
– Bluu x

Post 2 – Titanic: Film Review



Hey guys!


Alright, I have something to admit.

Until yesterday, I had never watched Titanic.

I know, it’s really bad, but I was staying with my nan and Titanic came on Channel 4. I’d said I had never watched it before, so we turned it on. I have to say, it met my hopes. It was amazing! I can’t actually believe I hadn’t watched it yet! Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Windset were amazing at their roles, and the way everything was set out in the storyline was good, because Titanic never got boring. When it got to the part where Jack was in the ship, handcuffed to the pole, and Rose was swimming towards him, through the wet corridors, I was at the point where I was stood up, shouting “COME ON, ROSE!!!” to the telly. It was that good.

Towards the end, when Jack was holding Roses hand, making her promise to try and survive, I was in floods of tears.


And don’t even get me started on the end. When Rose dies and is reunited on the Titanic with Jack, I could barely breathe I was so happy yet so sad.


Overall, I rate Titanic 10000000000000000000000000000000000000/10 and the Best Film Ever. It is amazing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it on catchup, so i had to go get it on EBay (link there which one I got) because I was that deprived after 12 hours. Yep.


Well, that’s all for now. I’ll see you guys later.


-Blu x



Post 1 – Intro!


Ok, well, here’s a little intro. I’m a teen who likes writing, so I decided to make a blog. I’m gonna keep this blog anon, and I’m gonna write about a bunch of stuff, including lifestyle, food, travel, support, and books.

I am a big book fan… lool

ok, well that’s it for now. I’ll make lots more blogs, I PROMISE.

See ya!

-Bluu x